GoGo Babies

GoGo Babies

Developmental Movement & Tummy Time Classes   



(NO CLASSES NOVEMBER 5,6,7,27,28,29)


  • 1:00 PM | Level 1: Tummy Time
  • 2:30 PM | Level 2: Mobile Babies 


  • 10:00 AM | Level 1: Tummy Time
  • 11:30 AM | Level 2: Mobile Babies
  • 1:00 PM | Level 3: Standing, Walking – 18 months

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Class Series Description
GoGo Babies is a an interactive joyful class for baby and parent/caregiver utilizing song, yoga, play, massage, dance, and breath work with a variety of stimulating props, instruments, and activities. GoGo Babies® classes are designed with the development of babies and their particular needs in mind. Activities are created to nurture and foster their growth while honoring their process and individuality. GoGo Babies® classes give caregivers confidence, knowledge, and support to support self esteem and self awareness while encouraging deepening bonding and attachment.

  • nurture babies developmental path from birth to standing vertical and walking
  • stimulate sensorimotor systems
  • enhance visual and auditory development
  • develop social and emotional skills
  • support healthy digestion and sleep
  • Increase comfort and duration of Tummy Time

LEVEL 1: 6 Weeks to Rolling / Pushing Backwards (read more)

LEVEL 2: Pushing back on the belly, creeping, crawling, sitting, pulling up to stand. (read more)

LEVEL 3: Standing & walking – 18 months (read more)

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