Infant CPR & Safety Workshop

Infant CPR & Safety Workshop

When: January 22nd 2019
Time: 6:30 – 8:30 PM
Cost: $85.00


Come learn Life Saving skills with a common sense approach with instructor, Vanessa J. Anton. Our kids come with no manuals but gaining confidence for that emergency is what we strive to teach.  Prevention is the number one priority to avoid a child from experiencing a life threatening emergency. The next step after an emergency has occurred is knowing how to immediately respond. In this class the topics that will be covered will be the following:

–Safe Sleep Practices & SIDS Preventions

-Basic Infant & Child  CPR

-Critical safety information for the early years

-The steps to take in the event of choking

-Infant & Child Car Safety Tips

*Please note* This workshop is NOT a CPR Certification course.

For further info contact  Commonsense CPR via email or phone:  917-261-3825