Thank you for your kind reviews!

Mary Kate on Mar 16, 2015

My son went through all the levels of GoGo Babies because we loved it so much. It was an important part of his early growth as well as social development. Ellynne directs the class in a relaxed but structured routine, focusing on different issues the babies (or parents) are having each week. I still use many of the techniques in our daily routine, especially as we transition into the toddler years. The massage skills have saved many an afternoon when a rambunctious tot needs to calm down for nap time. I also met a great group of supportive families and that was very important as a first time parent.


Yasmin on Apr 12, 2016

My son and I took all three levels of the GoGo Babies classes, and for 15 months these classes were the anchor to my week. Week to week and level by level Ellynne helps you to identify and nurture the little and not so little milestones that make up your baby’s path to sitting, crawling, and walking.

Ellynne fosters a sense of involvement, presence in the moment, and community which is unlike many of the other baby classes on the market. She engages babies and parents alike, and provides helpful parenting tips as well as the warm embrace so many of us need to make it through the week. You will leave her class happy, recharged, and able to carry on with your parenting journey.

Fantastic Classes!

Tal Roth on Jul 07, 2016

We started going when Liam was a newborn, the classes are fun, interesting and very mommy child oriented. Not only does it add something fun to do during the day, but the amount of knowledge Ellynne has and the mental support is superb! Thank you Ellynne!!! See you next week!

Love it, love it, love it!!!

Nicole on Jul 19, 2016

The only negative I have to say about this class is that I didn’t have my daughter in sooner! I found Ellynne when my daughter was nearing her 11 month in life and hadn’t hit any of the ‘expected’ movement milestones. With the guidance and professional knowledge of Ellynne she was crawling within a month. 9 months later not only is it a joy watching my now social-butterfly of an 18 month old partaking in, but the weekly 45 min interaction with the class is something I also look forward to for myself 🙂

A must take class!

Vashali on Oct 13, 2016

My son and I took ALL three levels of the GoGo Babies classes, twice a week! Yes – we went TWO times a week because Ellynne creates a beautiful community that comes together with music and movement. We explored milestones (sitting, crawling, and walking) while becoming aware of many other developmental wonders (tracking/vision, smiling, clapping, etc.). Twice a week we “filled in the gaps” for our hyper-nuclear family (our family is far away/ my mom recently passed) with a rich educational foundation, warm space and Ellyne’s loving spirit.

There is no other class as educational out there. Worries transformed to learning lessons and fears became bonding moments. Through teething, wonder weeks, and more … she inspired us to be the best parents we could. There are so many ways to engage in tummy time taught in her class. When our son began to stand, we were encouraged to enable cruising and he was walking before we knew it. We learned about countless resources, natural remedies, and now have so many lovely songs – that we still sing – to energize and center us for the day’s next adventure.

Spouses, caregivers, and grandparents are welcomed with open arms!


Sarah on Nov 22, 2016

My daughter and I have taken both Ellynne’s level 1 and level 2 classes and they are amazing! I can’t say enough good things about Ellynne. She cares so deeply about everyone in the room and takes the time to get to know every adult and baby to really be able to provide helpful advice and appropriate activities. It is so much fun and my daughter loved every class. It was a great way to bond with my baby and learn ways to help her become strong and develop properly. I highly recommend any of Ellynne’s classes. We traveled 45 minutes each week to get to them and it was worth every minute!!

Perfect Class for You and Your Little Ones

Paige Brown on Mar 14, 2017

We signed up for Ellynne’s classes thinking that we would learn some basics about tummy time and helping with our sons development, but the classes have turned out much more than that. Ellynne has a really beautiful and calm approach that encourages us to engage with our babies through full sensory interaction with song, touch and visuals. Our son has enjoyed the classes; seeing other babies and adults. My husband and I have also been able to enjoy the company of other parents and Ellynne’s supportive and positive energy. It’s been a great experience and one that I can’t recommend enough.

Exceeded our expectations!

Sara on May 10, 2017

We absolutely love this class, and i just signed up for the next session. Ellynne creates a warm, inclusive atmosphere, is very knowledgable about everything baby, and clearly loves the work she does. Our kiddo really responds to the class, and we use lots of what we learn at home. My boyfriend and I often talk about how much we look forward to going each week! There is a real sense of community and support in these classes that is wonderful for both baby and parents.

Wonderful class, wonderful teacher

Candice on Jul 31, 2017

My son and I first took Go Go Babies when William was 4 months old. After a demanding apartment move we took some time off, however I found myself wanting to get back and make the longer trip just so that we can take the class again. William was a little slower to get moving, so I knew he would benefit from this class again at 15 months old. Even though if he was older than the other babies he was physically on the same level. Ellynne made me feel extremely comfortable about this and he progressed so much during the course of the class. I enjoy the class as well because Ellynne is funny, keeps it fresh and allows me to reset from my day. I greatly recommend!


We both enjoy… and progress!